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Trinyx Uk Ltd is an international Company , which offers specialized services in the areas of identity and Company-profiling, brand protection, data and information guardianship and communication’s direction.

In compliance with the strict obligation of secrecy, his team carries out (performs) analysis on any kind of source, with a particular skill for the web and Information Technology contexts. Thanks to various services, the client (mandant) may fix the appeal of its main activity, the perception of its mission and – consequently – the positioning, both real and of the looks , in specific levels of features.

This analysis allows to determine the necessary actions to neutralize and / or minimize the vulnus, providing – at the same time – the actions needed to stabilize and increase the efficiency of a business strategy.

The working core of Trinyx Uk consists of vertical professional figures deeply competent in the field of product management, security, social network, marketing and communications, web and investigative consulting. Trinyx Uk makes use of external collaborations too.

Trinyx UKĀ  has its headquarters in London.

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