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Trinyx performs and develops  data retrieval, analysis, value judgment and intervention. Through various procedures of investigation, Trinyx  is able to offer the necessary support for all the needs of those clients who want to focus up on aspects and relevant conditions on the health of their business activities and / or sales.

Accordingly to the process of due diligence reviews, Trinyx is therefore able to focus the strategic aspects – extrapolating them from the general context – of organizations and / or companies, to supervise their functions and, after the  identification of  the kind of inefficiencies – arrange their balance: the main aim is to determinine the best conditions in terms of cost / benefits.

The main achievements are: use of the brand, its reputation, its appeal, its handling both active and passive, its revitalization. Trinyx arranges  it’s own plans of action on different scenarios: their heterogeneity requires a high aptitude of the approach, specific techniques and operational tools. Through a substantial contribution of internal and external consultants, Trinyx can ensure you it’s cooperation in many areas.

Surveillance, electronic countermeasures and localization are only some of the activities that Trinyx can offer to his customers in relation to a specific mandate. In this sense, any toll necessary to achieve the targets is subjected to strict rules of the confidentiality’s protection. This important aspect  concerns sensitive data, kind of assignment, third parties, internal and external communication.

Trinyx  works both, on national and international level.

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