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The role of the Internet in the trading and selling of services, information and products is becoming more and more relevant; millions of people everyday consult search engines and portals looking for feedbacks on products and services they wish to purchase. To obtain a better visibility, some websites solutions make illicit use of brand names to sell forged or unauthorised goods.

Trinyx UK is able to probe and monitor the Internet in order to identify cases of illegal use of brand names and counterfeit goods and unauthorised products sale.

The preliminary analysis of the context, drawn with the client, aims at the definition of the scenario from the starting point, comprising the determined criticalities, the markets to be monitored and the authorised sellers, therefore defining time schedules and methods of intervention.

Trinyx UK online brand protection consultancy against goods counterfeiting avails itself of a detailed and thorough analysis that consists on the following steps:

  • Brand use monitoring: after determining a list of sources to be examined (e.g. e commerce, auctions, websites, forums, social networks), it is possible to constantly monitor the pattern in which the brand name is presented, what goods it is associated with and what selling and communication techniques are used.
  • Identifying suspicious sales channels: the continuous study of the dynamics within e-commerce solutions and the web allows to identify cases of potential counterfeiting; it is possible to carry out a detailed investigation up to the definition of the suspicious sales, prices, terms and people involved.
  • Analysis of unauthorised sales channels: for every suspected case it is possible to draw a detailed informative dossier for each source that allowed the sale of counterfeit goods: owner/administrator of the site where the transaction takes place, registered office and other important pieces information.
  • Reporting: as well as continuous monitoring, it is possible to examine the offer in detail, from products description, to terms of sale and prices, presentation images and any other distinctive information; the evidences are gathered into a report, that includes sources, date and time of detection and all the useful pieces of information needed to take action, if necessary, in regards to the trademark protection.
  • Legal advice: in association with the best technology law firms, Trinyx UK can provide the specialised technical support necessary when acting for trademark rights protection and the removal of illegal adverts, that aims at solving the criticalities highlighted during the analysis and the investigation.
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